The New Site's Skeleton is Live

We have pulled the initial trigger and created a very lean new website here at WIX. For now, this blog and the slider of titles on the front page will be the most interactive bits. We have to build a data source with the images and bios of our authors, and we need to explore all of the many pieces and parts that WIX has to offer. They are myriad.

You can reach the home page by clicking the Crossroad Press icon at the top left of the screen.

One day soon we will shift the name servers for Crossroad Press to this new site. For now, we are pointing at it from the old name servers. The reason for hesitation is that there will likely be a short period during the transition where our e-mail does not function properly, and we don't want to cause a panic. We'll have to bite the bullet soon and get it done, but for now, baby steps.

In actual news, I'd like to take a moment to welcome all of the new authors who have joined us recently, most notably folks formerly With Silver Shamrock Press. We've been working hard to get contracts in place, reversion letters in hand, and titles ready to return for sale. For now, that list includes Tom Deady, Asher Ellis, Jeremy Hepler, Justin Holley, Russell James, Tim Meyer, Charlotte Platt, John Quick and Ken Cain. There are others, but not quite to the point of being ready to announce. It's been a very busy month.

Below are the titles we currently have up for download and review at NETGALLEY... It's free to sign up and request galleys... if you are an avid reader you should definitely check it out. It's a way to see books before they are actually published. For now, that's enough. See you on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest.

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